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Waterford News 30th. December 1904

"On Wednesday, the Governors of the Waterford County and City Infirmary met for, amongst other purposes to elect a Resident Surgeon in succession to Dr. Wyatt, who is going shortly to take up a highly important appointment at Madam Stevens Hospital, Dublin. The Master, Mr. John A. Tobin, presided, and there was a good attendance of members, including the Bishops Sheehan and O'Hara. The proceedings were held with closed doors, as far as the Press were concerned, but we have been since informed that there were six candidates, the name of only one transpiring through our informant. He was the successful man, Dr. Egan of Dungarvan. We regret that we are not in a position to supply further particulars as to the appointment, which is of so much importance to the City and County of Waterford"


"In connection with the appointment of a Resident Surgeon for the City and County Infirmary, as we have already mentioned, Dr. Egan of Dungarvan was appointed. There were six applications for the position and curiously enough one of the aspirants to the appointment was Dr. Gardiner of Dungarvan. We congratulate Dr. Egan upon his appointment, and we are sure that he will discharge the onerous duties imposed upon him with a credit to his profession and to the important institution of which he is now in charge."

Waterford News 31st. May 1907


"The untimely demise of this young gentleman, which occurred after a comparatively brief illness on Sunday night, was learned with keen regret in and around Dungarvan where he was deservedly held by all creeds and classes in the highest esteem.  To know him was indeed to like him - he was a handsome young man of fine physique, and possessed a bright, genial but unassuming disposition which endeared him to a host of friends who condole and sympathise with his respected mother and brothers and other members of the family in their sad bereavement.  He was brother of Dr. Egan, who up to quite recently, when he secured a better appointment, was Resident Surgeon at the Waterford City and County Infirmary and a cousin to the Rev. L. Egan, C.C. Ballybricken, Waterford and Mr. Patrick Egan, Ballyharahan.  The funeral, which took place to the Parish Church, Dungarvan, was very largely attended, and of a thoroughly representative character, indicating the high and deserved esteem in which the deceased was generally held.  After Office and High Mass on Tuesday the remains were interred in the cemetery of the Parish Church.


The clergymen present included - Rev. Fr. Dunphy P.P., Rev. M. Casey, C.C., Rev. P. Byrne, P.P., Rev. P. Nagle, C.C., Rev. Fr. Walsh, P.P., Rev. B. O'Connell, C.C., Rev. P. Walsh, P.P., Rev. Fr. O'Donnell, C.C., Rev. P. McCann, P.P., Rev. Fr. Kearney, C.C., Rev. Fr. Dunphy, P.P., Rev. Fr. Maher, P.P., Rev. E. Quinn, C.C.,  Rev. Fr. English, C.C.


The following wreaths were sent:- From mother and Pat; from Bill; with deepest sorrow, from the servants at Ballygegan; with deepest sorrow from his old loving servant, Tom Barron; with deepest sympathy and regret, from Denis Fitzgerald; from Aunt Alice; with deepest sympathy to dear David, from Mr. and Mrs. Wall and family; in loving memory, from Mrs. Walsh, Annie and Mattie; with deepest sympathy to dear David, from his loving friends, M. Stokes and M. Wall; with sincere sorrow, from Mrs. O'Shea and family; with deep sympathy from J. R. and Mrs. J. R. Dower."




"The chairman referred in sympathetic terms to the untimely demise of Mr. David Egan, of Ballygegan, and said he regretted to be the medium of moving a resolution of condolence and sympathy with Mrs. Egan and family in their sad bereavement.  He proposed- That we, the members of Dungarvan Board of Guardians, have learned with regret of the death of Mr. David Egan, Ballygegan, and we beg to tender to his mother and to the other members of his family, our sincere sympathy in their affliction.

Mr. Walsh seconded the resolution, and said he knew the late Mr. Egan who was a most unassuming and kind hearted young man.  It was he added, a great affliction to loose such a fine young man in the prime of life.

Mr. Power- I wish to join in this vote of condolence with Mrs. Egan and Dr. Egan.  I knew the late Mr. David Egan and he was a most estimable and promising young man, and certainly his death has dealt a very severe blow to his bereaved mother and brothers.  Everyone feels very keenly the great affliction that has come upon the family.

Mr. O'Connor also alluded in feeling terms to the death of Mr. Egan, who they all knew was an excellent young man.  He had come from a most respectable family on both sides, and was always generous, charitable and kind hearted.

Mr. McCarthy said he also wished to associate himself with the resolution, and endorsed the remarks of those who had spoken on the sad occasion.

The resolution was passed in silence.  The board then adjourned. "

Waterford News 19th. January 1909


"On Tuesday morning, 9th. Inst. Very Rev. Monsignor Power, P.P., joined in wedlock Mr. Patrick Egan, Ballygegan and Miss Mary Stokes, daughter of Mr. George Stokes, Dungarvan.  The bridegroom on the occasion was attended by Mr. Michael Cullinan, and the bride by Miss Mary Wall."

Waterford News 22nd. March 1912



"At present home on a holiday from India is Dr. William Egan, son of Mrs. Egan, Ballygegan.  Dr. Egan was for some time House Surgeon at the County Infirmary in Waterford before he entered the Army.

Another young townsman who also adopted the medical profession and then succeeded in qualifying himself for the Army Surgeonship is Dr. Edward O'Neill, son of Mrs. O'Neill, O'Connell Street, and brother of Rev. Patrick O'Neill, C.C., Waterford.

There is still another townsman in India, a surgeon in the army, Dr. Maurice Dee, son of Mrs. Dee, The Square, while Col. Shine, who retired from the army last year, was also a surgeon.  Dungarvan is well represented in the army as regards the medical profession."


Waterford News 9th. July 1915.



" His many admirers were delighted to see Dr. Egan of Ballygegan who had been a prisoner of war in Germany with other members of the R. A. M. C. until lately, home from the front, arriving here on Sunday last. Congratulations are to be extended to him on his liberation as well as on the occasion of his marriage recently with Miss N. Wall, daughter of Mrs. Wall, O'Connell Street."

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